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Why Choose Us?
Here is an example of what professional equipment can do: up to 10 frames per second at full 16 megapixel quality, with sustained focus capability that is exclusive to the Sony DSLT cameras that we use. This is one of our many edges over our competition: The ability to capture that one right moment. That one rare, shy smile between the blinks of an eye. That one gesture that is gone and can never quite be duplicated. That one perfect moment during the first kiss as man and wife. 
1. Professional Equipment
More important than the equipment the photographer uses is the photographer themselves. Our skilled photographers, Amy and Chris, know both the technical aspect and artistic aspect of photography, to take the equipment to it's fullest potential. For example, with portraits we know how to get the best results by using methods our competitors do not. Using available light when possible, and non-intrusive studio lights when we have to, we are able to make our customers feel much more comfortable than our competitors who use heavy flashes and make their customers conform to specific poses. Here at H² Photo Services we don't just pose our clients, we also like to use the natural poses and interaction our clients use with their environment. With a little guidance if necessary, the results are extraordinary.
Whenever you book a photo session with us you are booking at least two individuals. In addition to a primary photographer there is a second person who is devoted to making the photo session as fluid and fruitful as possible, whether that person records video, acts as a secondary photographer, is devoted to dynamic lighting, or performs light touch-ups with makeup or hair. We cover all of your needs when many of our competitors can't.
Ten Frame-Per-Second Cameras
2. Professional Image Editing
3. Professional Experience
4. Professional Team
No one will spend as much time making sure you're images look perfect as we do. Make sure you choose photographers who really know how to edit photos. We excel in making your images look great, and no one else is willing to spend as much time doing it as we will.
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Over thirty years combined experience in the fields of photography/videography.
Whether it's our use of color balanced flashes, professional cameras, large diffusers, high burst rates, flash umbrellas for formal portraits, or our experience with over 34 weddings in 2014 and over 50 weddings booked in 2015, you know you are getting professional results with us.
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Our cameras not only take beautiful images, they also specialize in maintaining autofocus and tracking moving subjects throughout fast bursts with technology exclusive to Sony Cameras like ours.
Click here to see example bursts at 6 fps.